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Road rash is a skin abrasion or friction burn that happens when the skin is scraped against a rough surface. It is a common injury in motorcycle and bicycle accidents, occurring when a rider is thrown from the bike and slides along the surface of the road. Serious road rash injuries can occur, even when a rider takes proper safety precautions, such as wearing a jacket and a helmet. Asphalt easily rips through clothing, causing severe damage to the skin.

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Degrees of Road Rash Injury

Like burn injuries, road rash is classified according to the depth of the injury:

  • First degree: Road rash in the first degree is a more minor injury to the epidermis (outer layer of skin). The skin is red, as it would be with a sunburn, and there may be stinging and burning. First-degree road rash does not typically break the skin, but it is important to keep the area clean and covered.
  • Second degree: In the second degree, road rash causes damage to the dermis (deeper layer of skin) as well as the epidermis and requires medical attention. It involves cuts, scrapes, and bruising, and debris from the road that may be lodged in the area. Second-degree road rash can cause blood loss and scarring. It is important to see a doctor, not only for treatment, but to document the injury for a potential personal injury claim.
  • Third degree: This is the most severe and painful degree of road rash. Damage extends to the subcutaneous fat layer and may affect underlying muscle tissue, or even bone. Third-degree road rash can cause excessive bleeding and may cause debris to become lodged deep within the skin. It can lead to serious infection and permanent scarring. Road rash in the third degree requires emergency medical treatment.

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Complications of Road Rash

Road rash is a serious and painful injury, and it can also lead to significant complications. There is always a risk of infection with an injury that breaks the skin, particularly when road debris becomes lodged in the tissue. Common infections that develop with road rash include staph, tetanus, and a type of streptococcus bacteria that leads to soft tissue death. This type of injury can cause permanent disfigurement and scarring. Severe cases of third-degree road rash may require skin grafting. Infection caused by road rash can result in significant swelling of the injured area from edema (excess fluid). This can inhibit normal blood flow, cause pain, and affect organ and muscle function.

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How Can Negligence Cause Road Rash Injuries?

Many bicycle and motorcycle crashes and road rash injuries are caused by driver negligence. Drivers may simply fail to register the bike in the roadway. Passenger vehicle-motorcycle crashes are common in intersections, when a driver making a left-hand turn fails to yield the right-of-way to an oncoming motorcycle. Bicycles and motorcycles are much smaller and less visible than passenger vehicles. Drivers may fail to see them in their blind spots when executing turns, changing lanes, or performing other driving maneuvers. Deadly rear-end collisions can occur when a passenger vehicle driver is distracted or following too closely behind a motorcycle.

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What Compensation May Be Available for Riders With Road Rash Injuries?

If someone else caused your Gillette bike crash and road rash, you may be eligible to seek compensation from the responsible party. Damages you may be entitled to claim may include:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages or earnings
  • Loss of future earning potential
  • Disfigurement and scarring
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma

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