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Have you been accused of sexual assault? If so, it is critical that you seek aggressive, diligent counsel ready to protect your rights and reputation. Sexual assault (or rape, as it is commonly known) can result in serious, life-altering penalties, including registration in Wyoming's sex offender registry.

If you've been charged, the time to speak with legal counsel is now. Steven Titus is a former public defender who understands how the rights and interests of the accused can be marginalized in our criminal justice system. At Steven Titus & Associates, P.C., every client we take on receives dedicated, vigilant representation. Securing your best possible outcome is our highest priority.

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Wyoming's Sexual Assault Laws

Sexual assault is always considered a felony in Wyoming, but state statutes categorize these offenses into three different degrees. These degrees are meant to address different levels of perceived severity in these cases.

The different degrees of sexual assault include:

  • Third-degree sexual assault: This describes sexual assault cases that don't meet the requirements for the other degrees and is generally considered less serious.
  • Second-degree sexual assault: This occurs when the victim is subjected to "date rape" drugs, fraud, or threats of retaliation.
  • First-degree sexual assault: This offense occurs when the victim is subjected to physical force, threats of bodily injury, or confinement.

The penalties for these crimes can vary. A third-degree sexual assault conviction can result in up to 15 years in prison. A first-degree conviction can result in up to 50 years. In addition to the lengthy jail time if convicted, your name will also appear in the Wyoming sex offender registry, which is public record. Those listed may have problems finding employment or housing, and face additional discrimination as a result.

To learn more about your case and what our firm can do to ensure that you receive every consideration you deserve before our justice system, call our Gillette criminal defense lawyer at (307) 257-7800 today.

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Speaking to Police

If you’ve been accused of a crime like sexual assault or child abuse, you probably want to deny it to the police, and think that by cooperating, you’re giving yourself a better chance of proving your innocence. But Wyoming police are more interested in getting a conviction than helping you. Any statements, polygraphs, or searches that you agree to can really hurt your case in the long run. Protect yourself, and your case, by speaking to a criminal defense attorney before agreeing to anything local law enforcement asks for.

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Defenses to Sexual Assault Charges

Being charged with sexual assault is frightening. We at Steven Titus & Associates, P.C., know that firsthand, because one of our staff members went through the same thing. You may believe your case is hopeless is because it will be your word against your accuser’s. But an experienced criminal defense attorney at Steven Titus & Associates P.C., we will investigate the facts and collect physical evidence pertaining to your case.

The most common (and best) defense to a sexual assault charge is that the activity was consensual. Many times, we’ve seen accusers seeking revenge on the accused for something unrelated to the act. In other cases, coercion is a factor - the accuser has been influenced by someone else to file charges against you. When the accuser has a history of lying about sexual assault, that fact can hurt her case and provide you with a strong defense.

If there are marks on the accuser’s body, they can be used to prove that while there was an altercation, it did not involve sexual assault. In some cases we’ve seen, the accuser caused the marks on her body herself.

A Gillette sexual assault defense attorney can help prove these facts and more. We know what physical evidence to look for, and we will use that evidence to build a case for you.

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Case Results

  • State of Wyoming v. W.K.—2018
    Second-Degree Sexual Assault Charges Dismissed
  • State of Wyoming v. D.H.—2018
    Registered Sex Offender Escapes New Third-Degree Sexual Assault Charge
  • State of Wyoming v. B.W. —2017
    Felony Sex Charges Dismissed

Past Results: Disclaimer
Initials of the Defendant may be changed to hide the identity of the individual whose case is described on the page. The case results are factually accurate. These case results were obtained by Mr. Titus throughout the course of his professional career, including past experience at a previous law firm. However, every case is different, and past results by no means guarantee future success.

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