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We Hold Property Owners Liable for Their Negligence

Premises liability lawsuits can be complicated, but they’re built on a simple idea: property owners have a responsibility to keep others safe on their land. While life can get messy and accidents happen, we expect others to make reasonable efforts to keep us safe when we're at their house, in their store, or on their property.

When people fail to take these basic steps, they become responsible for accidents that happen as a result of that failure. Cracked and uneven walkways, poorly lit areas, stairs in need of repair, and a lack of security can all be forms of negligence that get other people hurt. If you were injured on someone else’s land, you may have a case, and we’ll investigate it for you. Call a Gillette personal injury lawyer at Steven Titus & Associates, P.C., at (307) 257-7800. Tell us what happened, and we’ll discuss your options in a free case strategy session.

Common Premises Liability Accidents

Premises liability is a subsection of civil law that deals with personal injury that happened on another’s property. Auto accidents usually do not involve premises liability, since they tend to happen on public roads and involve the actions of each driver. In a premises liability case, it’s the property owner who fails to take reasonable actions to keep others on his or her property safe, and therefore caused the victim’s injuries.

These accidents can include:

Damages from Accidents

People can suffer many different types of injuries in premises liability accidents, depending on the type of accident. Injuries can range from pretty minor things like scrapes and bruises to much more serious trauma to the spinal cord or brain, and all of these injuries deserve proper medical treatment.

Criminal actions can also be grounds for a civil lawsuit, and in some cases, if a property owner fails to take reasonable efforts to make sure that others on the property, including renters, are protected from crime, that property owner can be held financially liable to the victims.

This is especially important for businesses that have large parking lots and other areas that may be dark at night and provide cover for a criminal to hide and wait for a victim. The property owner has a responsibility to make these areas are well-lit to reduce the chances of a crime occurring. In some cases, additional steps like security guards and escorts for customers or employees may be reasonable and necessary to keep people safe.

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