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When two cars collide, we tend to assume one of the drivers must have made a mistake and caused the crash. In reality, drivers can do everything right and still get into a crash. When this happens, the manufacturer of the vehicle or one of the parts on it may actually be the one to blame.

When we buy a product, we trust that it has been made to high-quality standards and thoroughly tested to ensure it is safe for consumers. There are few items for which that level of trust is more important than vehicles. When something goes wrong and a vehicle part doesn't work properly, the results can be catastrophic.

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Auto Product Liability Explained

The term "product liability" refers to an area of the law focused on civil lawsuits against manufacturers who create products that end up hurting people. This can include just about anything, from a mobile phone that bursts into flames while charging to a truck with tires that blow out on I-90. The second example falls under the category of auto product liability, which holds manufacturers accountable when they cut corners or fail to properly test their vehicles and parts.

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Product Defects and Negligence

Proving that a manufacturer is liable for a collision involving a car or truck is no small task, and requires an experienced personal injury attorney in Gillette. It is not enough to show that a part made by a company failed and caused a crash (since companies can’t be expected to predict every possible accident that can occur). Instead, it has to be proven that the company was actually negligent, which means they were or should have been aware of an issue and failed to act in a reasonable way to keep that issue from harming people.

For example, consider a car manufacturer that discovers the brakes on a certain model stop working a percentage of the time. They ignore this information and ship the vehicles to their dealers, who then sell unsafe cars without even realizing it. When those failing brakes cause collisions, the victims have to prove that the company didn't try to fix or replace the brakes in order to hold them liable for the damages caused. This takes time, a lot of research, and expert investigation.

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Don’t Neglect Maintenance

It’s also important to prove that your vehicle was properly maintained and kept in good working order - other than the defective part. For example, if the manufacturer comes back and shows that your brakes failed because they were installed incorrectly after the vehicle was sold, they could avoid liability for a collision caused by the brake failure. This is why it’s best to have vehicle maintenance performed only by licensed and authorized repair shops and dealers, so that manufacturers can be held accountable when their products harm people.

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Auto product liability is one of the most complicated areas of civil law, and these cases are among the most difficult to prove against multi-million dollar corporations. This is not something you should try to handle on your own. You deserve an experienced legal team with a great track record to fight for you and make sure your rights are protected.

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