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Although Gillette may not be as populous as many other cities in the United States, it is home to a thriving energy industry, scenic state, and national parks, attracting tourists and hunters. While Gillette is a peaceful city, you may still find yourself on the wrong side of the law or feel like your freedom and future is at risk. Criminal allegations can lead to dangerous legal challenges. In cases that lead to criminal charges, it is vital to seek experienced legal counsel to protect your legal rights and interests.

Steven Titus & Associates, P.C., is an esteemed criminal defense law firm representing clients throughout Wyoming. We understand that a criminal conviction can have serious repercussions, affecting your reputation, financial state, and freedom. We want to help. Founding attorney Steven Titus brings strong litigation experience to our clients’ complex cases. During his career, Mr. Titus has gotten clients acquitted of felony DUI charges, possession and distribution of controlled substance charges, felony sex charges, and many more crimes.

If you were arrested for DUI, strangulation, domestic battery, a drug offense, or any other criminal activity, it is imperative to seek top-tier representation. Too often, law enforcement and prosecutors manipulate statements and other information to get a conviction. Or, they may seek a harsher punishment than is warranted just to appear “hard on crime” to voters. With Steven Titus & Associates, P.C., you can face your charges knowing that your rights are protected after an arrest for a state or federal crime.

We purposefully keep our caseload low so that each client receives our full attention. We understand that this is a highly stressful time, and we work hard to provide both peace of mind and strong advocacy. As your partner during this trying period, we will keep you informed as the case progresses and discuss all potential options available to you. Our goal is to protect your rights and preserve your freedom.

Let us protect your rights and preserve your freedom—call (307) 257-7800 to schedule a free case review today.

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Criminal Offenses Under Wyoming Law

Wyoming’s criminal statutes provide a framework for regulating criminal offenses in the state. These statutes aim to maintain public safety, protect individual rights, and ensure justice is administered fairly. Examples of crimes under Wyoming law include:

  • DUI (driving under the influence): DUI involves operating a vehicle while impaired by alcohol or drugs, leading to strict legal consequences.
  • Drug crimes: Drug crimes encompass offenses related to illegal drugs, their possession, distribution, or trafficking, resulting in severe penalties.
  • Violent crimes: Violent crimes involve acts of physical harm or the threat of violence, leading to charges like assault, robbery, or homicide.
  • Sex crimes: Sex crimes encompass a range of offenses involving non-consensual sexual acts or misconduct with severe legal implications.
  • Theft crimes: Theft crimes involve unlawfully taking another’s property, with charges ranging from petty theft to grand larceny.
  • White-collar crimes: White-collar crimes are non-violent offenses typically committed for financial gain, such as fraud, embezzlement, or insider trading.

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Extremely competent, very smart, very aggressive in defending you and has an amazing ability to intimidate the opposing side. He and his incredible staff were very attentive and literally saved our lives! Highly recommended!
- C.B. from Google

Criminal Charges and Penalties

The penalties for criminal charges in Wyoming can range from minor to severe, depending on the classification of the crime:

  • Felonies: Felonies are the most serious offenses under the law, and they carry substantial penalties. Convictions for felonies can result in lengthy periods of incarceration, often in state prisons. In addition to incarceration, individuals may face significant fines, probation, and community service requirements as part of their sentence.
  • Misdemeanors: Misdemeanors are generally less severe than felonies but still come with consequences. Those convicted of misdemeanors may receive lighter sentences, typically involving shorter jail or probation terms. Fines can be significant, and community service may also be required to address the offense’s consequences.
  • Traffic offenses: These offenses may lead to fines, and in some cases, individuals may face the suspension of their driver’s licenses, which can have practical implications on daily life.

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The Role of Your Campbell County Criminal Defense Attorney

You shouldn’t face your criminal charges alone. It’s best to have a skilled criminal defense lawyer on your side. Your attorney plays a pivotal role in your case, which involves:

  • Investigating the facts: Our experienced legal team conducts exhaustive investigations to gather crucial evidence, including witness statements and surveillance footage.
  • Challenging evidence: We leave no stone unturned when it comes to challenging evidence that may be used against you.
  • Negotiating with prosecutors: Skillful negotiation with prosecutors is a cornerstone of our approach to secure the best possible outcome for our clients.

In addition to these key elements, we employ a range of common defense tactics, such as filing motions to suppress evidence, raising legal defenses, and presenting alternative theories of the case.

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The Importance of Protecting Your Constitutional Rights

The U.S. Constitution affords certain rights and protections to individuals accused of crimes, including:

  • Right to remain silent (Fifth Amendment)
  • Right to legal counsel (Sixth Amendment)
  • Right to a fair and impartial trial (Sixth Amendment)
  • Right to due process (Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments)
  • Right to be informed of charges (Sixth Amendment)
  • Protection against double jeopardy (Fifth Amendment)
  • Right to a speedy trial (Sixth Amendment)
  • Protection against unreasonable searches and seizures (Fourth Amendment)
  • Protection against cruel and unusual punishment (Eighth Amendment)
  • Right to confront witnesses (Sixth Amendment)

These constitutional rights are fundamental to the American legal system, ensuring that individuals accused of crimes are treated fairly, with their rights protected throughout the legal process. As Campbell County criminal defense lawyers, it is our job to help ensure that prosecutors respect these rights and that you receive fair and just treatment.

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Face Your Gillette Charges with Confidence—Call Steven Titus & Associates, P.C.

At Steven Titus & Associates, P.C., our Gillette criminal attorneys are committed to upholding and defending your rights throughout the legal process. Leading attorney Steven Titus has extensive experience advocating on behalf of clients facing a variety of criminal charges.

Mr. Titus upholds truth and justice by ensuring clients receive their due diligence under the law. He is available to clients at all times, even providing you with his personal cell phone number so that you can reach him 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If your freedom is at stake, call (307) 257-7800 for a free case strategy session. We’re here to fight for your future.

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Case Results

  • State of Wyoming v. D.B.—2018
    Felony Firearms Charge Dismissed
  • State of Wyoming v. K.C.—2018
    Felony Accessory to Murder Charges Dismissed
  • State of Wyoming v. M.K.—2018
    Stalking and False Reporting to DFS Charges Dismissed

Past Results: Disclaimer
Initials of the Defendant may be changed to hide the identity of the individual whose case is described on the page. The case results are factually accurate. These case results were obtained by Mr. Titus throughout the course of his professional career, including past experience at a previous law firm. However, every case is different, and past results by no means guarantee future success.

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