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How the Wyoming Sex Offender Registry Curbs Your Freedoms

By stladmin on February 24, 2023

In Wyoming, defendants convicted of certain sexual offenses must register as sex offenders. The sex offender registry is a public database containing the names of all sex offenders required to register who are living in the state. Under the law, any sex offender residing, working, or attending school in Wyoming must register with the sheriff of the county where he or she is living. Requirement to register as a sex offender can significantly curb the personal freedoms most Americans enjoy.

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Road Dangers Brought on by St. Patrick’s Day

By stladmin on February 10, 2023

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the deadliest days of the year for traffic crashes. The patron saint of Ireland is honored on March 17 when individuals wearing green come together in restaurants, bars, and private homes to eat corned beef and cabbage and drink green beer. Drinking and driving, along with walking intoxicated, make this holiday a dangerous time to be on the roads.

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Do I Need a Lawyer Even If I’m Planning on Pleading Guilty?

By stladmin on January 20, 2023

If you’ve been accused of a crime and you know you’re guilty, do you really need a lawyer? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” Even when you plead guilty, your sentence will probably be a lot worse if you don’t have an attorney.

Every day in Wyoming, people who are convicted of the same crime receive vastly different sentences. For example, a person charged with possession of a small amount of drugs may go to jail for up to a year. But someone else facing the exact same charges could receive a plea deal that allows them to avoid jail and have all charges removed from their criminal record.

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Hidden Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

By stladmin on January 10, 2023

Nursing home abuse is so horrifying that it’s difficult to even contemplate. The people we trust to take care of our elders should be compassionate and full of concern for their well-being.

Sadly, nursing home abuse is much more prevalent than people realize. There are a lot of employees working in these places who abuse their authority and take advantage of the most vulnerable among us.

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Posted in: Family Law

How Could a DUI Impact Your Career?

By stladmin on December 20, 2022

In recent years, penalties for DUI have become stiffer across the nation. If you are convicted, you could be facing jail time, fines, and other criminal penalties, plus suspension of your driver’s license. In addition to these civil and criminal punishments, a DUI on your record could significantly impact your future employment opportunities, and even your current job.

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Trucker Braking Practices That Prevent Catastrophes

By stladmin on December 10, 2022

Downhill braking presents a challenge for truckers. A tractor trailer driver who overuses the brakes on a long downhill slope can end up with no brakes and a runaway truck. This creates the risk of a deadly truck collision for other motorists.

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Mold in Your Walls? It Can Damage Your Health

By stladmin on November 20, 2022

Most people will have lived in a building with mold at some point. However, did you know that mold can have an extremely detrimental effect on your health and the structure of the building?

Wyoming’s climate is conducive to mold growth, making it a severe problem for the state. There is a lot of moisture in the air, and the temperatures are often warm enough in homes for it to prosper. In addition, many homes in Wyoming are made of wood, a natural food source for mold. Mold can quickly take over a wooden structure, causing it to deteriorate and become unsafe. Finally, mold can cause various health problems, including respiratory problems, skin irritation, and allergies. If you suspect that mold is present in your home, it is crucial to have it removed by a professional as soon as possible.

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Why Police Are Cracking Down Hard on Fentanyl

By stladmin on November 10, 2022

Fentanyl is a powerful opioid pain medication that is similar to morphine. It is typically used to treat patients who experience severe pain, such as after surgery. Fentanyl is a prescription drug with a high potential for abuse and addiction. When appropriately used, fentanyl can be a safe and effective pain medication. However, because it is so potent, it is also easy to abuse and overdose. Fentanyl is often sold illegally on the street as a white powder or as fake pills. It is also sometimes mixed with heroin to increase its potency. Fentanyl is extremely dangerous, and even a tiny amount can be deadly.

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How Child Sex Crime Allegations Affect Lives

By stladmin on October 20, 2022

It’s natural to want to protect people from harm, especially children. And society is very scornful of people accused of any type of sexual abuse because it’s a horrible violation of another person.

Children are so vulnerable, and a sexual assault is also an attack on their innocence. People who are accused of sex crimes against children are often tried and convicted in the court of public opinion, even if they turn out to be innocent.

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The Danger of Construction Zone Accidents

By stladmin on October 10, 2022

Construction zones are a real hassle for drivers, especially when they’re working on a highway you use to get to work every day. Work zones are also dangerous. In a recent year over 44,000 people were injured in construction zone accidents according to the National Safety Council.

A work zone is a confined space, and everyone needs to relax and adjust their behavior. To help prevent accidents, penalties for speeding are increased in traffic zones. And traffic signs must be present and clearly visible.

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