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Domestic battery cases have become more prevalent in recent years, as neighbors, family members, and other individuals become more involved in domestic disputes. It is very common for law enforcement to be called because a neighbor misunderstood an argument, thus effectively escalating the situation. These moments can easily get out of hand.

If you are facing charges for domestic battery or violence, it is essential that you hire a Gillette criminal defense attorney from Steven Titus & Associates, P.C., right away. We defend all types of domestic battery cases, including those involving spouses, romantic partners, roommates, and family members.

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How Do You Get Charged with Domestic Violence?

Charges for domestic violence in Wyoming can start in one of two ways. The victim can file a temporary restraining order (TRO), or the police will be called to the home during, or shortly after, a domestic dispute.

If one "victim" partner files a TRO, the accused partner should not contact the victim or engage in behavior prohibited by the TRO in any way. This can be very damaging to a case. Because domestic violence cases often involve people that live in the same home, the accused may not even be able to return to the residence.

When the police are called, an arrest may be made. In either case, the court will likely still issue a TRO. The conditions of these restraining orders will only be set for a limited time. Because of this, a full hearing on the restraining order will likely be scheduled shortly after the TRO is served. If you received a TRO, you should hire a defense attorney before that hearing. Failing to do so could compromise your rights and make it even more difficult to defeat the domestic violence charge.

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What Are Underlying Charges?

In many cases, the accused has to face an underlying charge in addition to domestic battery. These underlying charges could include attempted murder, assault, kidnapping, criminal restraint, sexual assault, criminal trespass, harassment, or stalking, to name just a few.

Those accused of domestic violence must understand that they are not only fighting the domestic violence charge, but also the underlying charge. And, depending on what the underlying charge is, they could be facing penalties for a misdemeanor or a felony.

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What Are the Consequences of a Domestic Battery Conviction?

Being convicted of any violent crime can carry heavy consequences, depending on the details of the alleged incident. In addition to the criminal consequences you could face, if you are an immigrant, college student, or licensed professional, you could face additional penalties, such as losing your right to own a gun, if convicted. Our Gillette domestic battery defense lawyer is committed to defending your rights and future aggressively.

The consequences of a domestic battery conviction could include:

  • Loss of gun rights
  • Time in jail or prison
  • Large fines and legal fees

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What Are Some Defenses for a Domestic Violence Charge?

There are two main defenses used in any domestic violence case. The first is that the victim’s complaint does not meet the standards set out for domestic violence. For example, if a married couple had an argument in which only words were exchanged and there was no violence, this likely would not be enough to receive a conviction for domestic violence.

Another possible defense for domestic violence charges is that the accused acted in a violent or aggressive manner in order to protect themselves or a child. For instance, if one parent started exhibiting violent behavior towards a child, and the other parent hit him in order to get him to stop, this may also not constitute domestic violence.

While these are the two main domestic violence defenses in Wyoming, there are other defenses that can be applied to any criminal case. A court may not have jurisdiction over the parties in question, or the parties may not be subject to Wyoming’s domestic violence statute.

Anyone charged with domestic violence must speak with a defense attorney about all the possible defenses present in their case for their best chance at a successful outcome.

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The Right Defense Against Domestic Battery Charges

Our legal team understands the severity of a domestic battery charge and is prepared to offer you top-quality defense. When you hire our firm, you can rest assured that we are available to you 24/7. We know that arrests can happen at any time and criminal cases can move quickly, which is why we do not limit our availability. You can count on our team to be here for you every step of the way, as we move towards positive results.

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