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For some crimes, the arresting officer will need to perform little to no investigation before filing criminal charges against you, such as for drunk driving. But for most crimes, before you can be placed under arrest, law enforcement will have to do a thorough investigation.

This investigation gives the prosecution time to build a case and ensure that there is enough evidence against you to get a conviction. If they don’t believe they have enough evidence, they probably won’t press charges.

Unfortunately, many people suspected of a crime are not aware of this ongoing investigation. Too often, they believe that because charges haven’t been laid, they won’t be charged at all. But this is an important time in any case. As the prosecution is building its case, you should be building yours. And you’ll need a good Gillette criminal defense lawyer to do it.

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Pre-File Investigation for the Prosecution

Because many people suspected of a crime have no idea that they’re being investigated in Gillette, they rarely retain the help of an attorney early on. Detectives, the State of Wyoming, and other law enforcement officials know this and take advantage of it. They often try to get the accused to give a statement that could later hurt his or her case. They may even resort to deceptive tactics such as lying, threatening, or tricking the accused into making statements. They may threaten harsher penalties if the accused is not willing to "cooperate."

And, if the accused has not been taken into custody yet, law enforcement does not have to read him or her the Miranda rights. Because of this, people may not even understand that they ALWAYS have the right to an attorney!

During its investigation, the prosecution will do whatever it takes to build a strong case. In other words, anyone accused of committing a crime, or suspected of involvement in a crime, needs to speak to a Gillette lawyer as soon as possible.

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Pre-File Defense

While the prosecution is building its case, you can start building yours, even before charges are officially laid. We strongly recommend doing it with the advice of a skilled Wyoming criminal defense attorney – not on your own. Your lawyer can gather statements, including alibis, and other evidence showing that no crime was committed. In addition, we can speak to law enforcement on your behalf. This is very important, because making any little slip or mistake when speaking to law enforcement can lead to you spending several years in prison.

Your lawyer will know exactly what to say and what not to say, so nothing can be misconstrued or taken out of context in the future. That can weaken the prosecution’s case, perhaps to the point where charges are never filed against you at all.

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The Importance of Speaking to a Tough, No-Nonsense Gillette Defense Lawyer

Most people accused of a crime make the mistake of not hiring a criminal defense attorney until they’ve been charged. By that time, it may be too late for a really good outcome.

If you’ve been accused of a crime, don’t wait. Call Steven Titus & Associates, P.C., at (307) 257-7800 for a free case strategy session. We can start building your defense, and ensure you don’t say anything that could incriminate you. Our Campbell County trial attorneys will implement a plan of action to keep those charges against you from ever being filed in court, so call right now!

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