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Whether you drive for a rideshare company or handle deliveries for a local Campbell County business, you have to follow numerous rules in Wyoming. Both your employer and government agencies can impose harsh penalties if you commit minor traffic offenses, so being arrested for DUI could have a massive impact on your career.

If you or someone you love was charged with a DUI while driving a commercial vehicle, do not wait: contact Steven Titus & Associates, P.C. Our legal team has years of experience backing drivers after a DUI arrest. We can look into the details of your arrest and fight for your future. Call us at (307) 257-7800 for a free consultation.

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Why a Commercial DUI Is So Serious

A DUI charge is serious for any driver. It can result in expensive fines, jail sentences, requirements to enter substance abuse programs, community service, and the loss of your ability to get to work. But depending on your industry, you may lose your certifications and be barred from driving commercially.

While Campbell County Sheriffs can arrest any driver with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or higher under WY Stat. § 31-5-233, any commercial driver can be arrested for just 0.04%. Under W.S. 31-7-305, commercials drivers can lose their licenses for up to one year for a DUI offense, as well as other serious traffic violations, such as speeding, committing a hit-and-run, or texting while driving.

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Harsh Punishments for Commercial Drivers

The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WDOT) may suspend or revoke a commercial driver’s license for up to one year for a first conviction. Future employers may discover these suspensions with a background check and deny a driver employment.

A second conviction can lead to a driver losing a CDL permanently. This punishment can apply even a driver was not operating a commercial vehicle when he was arrested. If a commercial driver is charged with a DUI while driving his personal vehicle, then the DMV can still suspend or revoke his CDL.

Beyond the administrative punishments, a commercial driver may also face harsh penalties in a criminal court. For first-time offenses, a DUI can lead to:

  • Up to six months in county jail
  • Up to $750 in fines
  • A 90-day license suspension for a personal driver’s license
  • A one-year license suspension for a CDL
  • Six-month ignition interlock device for a BAC of 0.15% or higher

Through Wyoming’s “probation before sentencing” program, you may be able to avoid jail time, but the consequences on your career can be devastating. Beating a commercial DUI charge is paramount to keep your license and protect your livelihood.

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Beating a Commercial DUI Conviction

Commercial drivers have stricter requirements regarding BAC levels, which makes these cases harder to defend than standard DUI charges. However, that does not meet your case is hopeless. Many of the same defenses for a DUI can help keep you out of jail and protect your future.

At Steven Titus & Associates, P.C., our Gillette commercial DUI attorneys are well-known for dedication, hard work, and investigative skills. We can dig into the details of your case and look through every piece of evidence and testimony to build a strong defense. In our experience, the best defenses in these cases include:

  • You only showed the objective signs of intoxication and were not actually under the influence of alcohol.
  • The officer performed an illegal stop, and there was no reason to suspect you of being intoxicated.
  • The officer performed the field sobriety test incorrectly.
  • The breathalyzer or chemical test showed a false positive.
  • Your civil rights were violated during the arrest.

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Do not give up hope. Our team of dedicated Gillette criminal defense lawyers have the expertise, knowledge, and skill to protect your future. We can defend you in both administrative hearings with the Department of Transportation and in a criminal court. We have a strong record of success fighting for our neighbors in Campbell County after DUI arrests. Let us fight for you.

To sit down with us in a free case strategy session, call Steven Titus & Associates, P.C., at (307) 257-7800.

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