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How Child Sex Crime Allegations Affect Lives

By stladmin on October 20, 2022

It’s natural to want to protect people from harm, especially children. And society is very scornful of people accused of any type of sexual abuse because it’s a horrible violation of another person.

Children are so vulnerable, and a sexual assault is also an attack on their innocence. People who are accused of sex crimes against children are often tried and convicted in the court of public opinion, even if they turn out to be innocent.

The Stigma of a False Accusation

When someone is accused of a crime these days, the news spreads like wildfire. Local media is always looking for a new story to increase their ratings. And rumors can proliferate on the internet even when there aren’t any facts to support them.

People are quick to judge and slow to forget. Though our legal system is based on the presumption of innocence, these charges can follow a person for a long time. It certainly isn’t fair, but people who are wrongfully accused of sex crimes against children often bear the effects of the stigma for years. They may even be forced to relocate or find a new job.

Negative outcomes caused by false accusations of child sexual abuse may include:

  • Harassment
  • Physical violence
  • Loss of employment
  • Reduced housing options
  • Loss of friends
  • Diminished social status
  • Disrupted family life

Contact a Lawyer Right Away

If you’re being investigated for alleged sex crimes, it’s time to find the right criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The last thing you want to do is ignore the charges and hope they’ll go away. And don’t try to defend yourself or investigate the accusations on your own.

Everything you do or say could be used against you. Trying to talk to potential witnesses or protesting your innocence on social media could backfire and even make you look guilty.

The only person you want to talk to is a sexual assault defense attorney. Let us do the investigating. It helps to write down your recollections of everything that happened. This will make it easier for your lawyer to investigate the charges against you.

Your defense attorney can look for information that will exonerate you, such as an alibi or surveillance camera footage showing you were somewhere else when the alleged violation took place. Your attorney might even be able to prevent you from being arrested if we can demonstrate that the charges don’t have any merit.

Penalties for Sexual Assault in Wyoming

It’s essential to find an experienced attorney who will start building a strong case to defend you right away. Charges in these cases may include child molestation, possession of child pornography, sexual battery, and kidnapping.

Sexual assault crimes carry strict penalties in Wyoming, with prison terms up to 50 years. Additional consequence for a conviction may include:

  • Revocation of a professional license
  • Loss of gun rights
  • Harm your immigration status
  • Damage to your professional reputation
  • Having to register as a sex offender

We’re on Your Side

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