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Holding Property Owners Responsible for Poor Security in Wyoming

It is unlikely that anything can be done to stop all crime. However, there are reasonable measures that should be taken by property owners to keep visitors safe. This includes the well-being of customers visiting a business, as well as the people who rent buildings and homes.

If a property owner has failed to uphold basic standards of security and you have suffered for it, you need to contact an experienced Gillette premises liability attorney. Call Steven Titus & Associates, P.C., at (307) 257-7800 to find out what your legal options may be.

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Security for Businesses

Many businesses, like restaurants, bars, and retail establishments, rent their location from a property owner. While the people running a business are expected to make efforts to ensure that their property, employees, and customers are safe, the owner of the premises also has certain responsibilities. Rental properties should have locks on doors and windows, and be well-lit at night. Additional features, like security guards, are typically the responsibility of the company running a business at that location, rather than the property owner.

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Renter Security

Renters also have reasonable expectations of security that must be met by the rental property’s owners. This includes basic things such as locks on doors and windows that function properly, and good lighting at night to keep areas visible and safe. In some cases additional steps, such as cutting back trees from windows and changing locks after a previous renter moves out, might also be required.

It is important for renters to take an active role in ensuring these things are done, however, and to report any issues to the property’s owner. For instance, if a renter notices that a window is not locking properly, he needs to let the owner know so it can be fixed. If the renter does not inform the property owner of the issue, the owner might be absolved of a certain amount of liability.

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Violent Crimes on Property

Assaults and other violent crimes can occur due to lack of proper security, and in certain circumstances, property owners can liable for the injuries done in these crimes. For example, a customer leaving a shopping center is attacked in the parking lot. If this is the first such attack, and the area is well-lit, then the property owner might not have been able to do anything to prevent it. As such, it might not be negligent security.

On the other hand, if the attack occurred in a parking lot that was not well-lit because lights had burnt out and the owner refused to replace them, the property owner could probably be held liable. Furthermore, if the shopping center was known to be in a high-crime area, yet the property owner took no action to provide security for visitors, they could be held liable. Additional lights, warning customers, and installing security cameras are all reasonable steps that a property owner can take to improve security and keep others safe while on their premises.

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If you have suffered personal harm due to a property owner's lack of security in Campbell County, you have the right to hold that owner accountable. Call the experienced legal team at Steven Titus & Associates, P.C., at (307) 257-7800 for a free case strategy session. We’ll investigate what happened and see if there’s compensation available for you.

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