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Deadwood can have high pedestrian activity, particularly around the historic downtown main street. This increases the risk for vehicle and pedestrian collisions, a type of crash that can have particularly devastating consequences.

If you or your loved one have been struck by a vehicle as a pedestrian anywhere in Deadwood, contact Steven Titus & Associates, P.C. today at (307) 257-7800. Our dedicated, compassionate team will assist you to gain compensation for your injuries or the loss of a loved one.

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Who Is at Risk of Pedestrian Accidents

Ultimately, anywhere where pedestrians and vehicles share the use of a road, there is a risk of pedestrian accidents. While this type of accident can happen to anyone, certain groups are more prone to these incidents. Particularly at risk of being the victim of pedestrian accidents are children (who may lack awareness around roads and are difficult to spot due to their height) and the elderly (who may have impaired judgment and slower reaction times).

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Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

A pedestrian accident may be the pedestrian’s or the driver's fault, or a combination of both. However, drivers are most commonly responsible for these accidents.

There are a number of common causes of pedestrian accidents, including:

  • Drivers under the influence: Alcohol and drugs can significantly impair a driver’s judgment, bodily control, and reaction times. Intoxicated drivers, therefore, pose a great risk to pedestrians.
  • Speeding: A driver who is speeding requires more distance in front of them to bring the car to a halt, and has a shorter reaction time. Even a few miles per hour over the speed limit can make a drastic difference to the driver’s ability to stop the car promptly, and can be the difference between whether a collision would have occurred or not.
  • Distracted drivers: Distracted drivers are also common causes of pedestrian accidents. Distractions can come from many sources, whether illegal (such as using a phone while driving) or seemingly innocent distractions (such as eating, grabbing an object that has fallen, or engaging with passengers).

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How Deadwood Lawyers Can Help After Pedestrian Accidents

Engaging a Deadwood pedestrian injury lawyer following a pedestrian accident ultimately ensures the pedestrian (or their family if the pedestrian has passed) receives adequate compensation for their injury and losses related to the injury.

Legal assistance is highly beneficial as receiving compensation requires proving that the driver was negligent (did not act with reasonable care) and that this negligence caused the accident and resulting injuries. Notably, even if the pedestrian themselves contributed to the accident, they can still receive compensation provided their contribution to the accident was only “slight.”

Where the driver accepts responsibility, their insurance company is likely to offer the pedestrian a settlement that is less than they would otherwise receive in court. A lawyer will help assess the likely compensation available to the pedestrian if the case went to trial, to assist them in deciding whether the settlement offer is reasonable, or whether they have better chances of recovery if the case went to trial.

Where the driver disputes liability, or the settlement offer is insufficient, a lawyer can advocate for the pedestrian (or their family) to receive fair compensation for their case in court.

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Accidents Resulting in Death

As mentioned above, in the heart-breaking event that the accident results in the death of the pedestrian, their family is still able to receive compensation for the overall loss of their loved one in their life. This can include compensation for the loss of the decedent’s income or financial provision, the loss of their emotional support or companionship, and medical and funeral expenses.

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If a pedestrian accident in Deadwood has caused you injury or caused the death of your loved one, contact Steven Titus & Associates, P.C. today. Our experienced team of Deadwood personal injury attorneys goes above and beyond to support our clients during this trying time, while advocating for the maximum compensation available in their cases.

We can determine whether your case warrants legal action, evaluate fault and the likely compensation available, deal with insurance companies on your behalf, and advocate zealously for you to receive justice if we proceed to trial.

Contact us today at (307) 257-7800 so we can begin supporting you.

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