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If you were hit as a pedestrian by a vehicle, resulting in injury, contact a Belle Fourche personal injury lawyer at Steven Titus & Associates, P.C. today at (307) 257-7800. Our professional, experienced team will provide you with the support and legal assistance you need. Where the driver is at fault for the accident, we passionately advocate for you to get the compensation and justice you deserve.

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Who Is at Risk of Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents can occur anywhere, at any time, where both drivers and pedestrians are using the road or space. Certain groups may be more prone to pedestrian accidents, including the elderly, kids, parents pushing strollers, and pedestrians wearing headphones. Even if the pedestrian has the right of way to cross the road, sometimes distracted or speeding drivers are unable to stop in time to prevent a collision from occurring.

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Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Although there are numerous circumstances in which pedestrian and vehicle accidents can occur, there are some common causes of these types of accidents. These include:

  • Drivers using their mobile: A driver distracted by their phone is often not paying sufficient attention to the road to notice when a pedestrian is about to cross their path, resulting in a collision.
  • Drivers under the influence: Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs significantly delays a driver's reaction time, and negatively impacts their vision and judgment. These drivers, therefore, pose a significant risk to pedestrians.
  • Speeding drivers: Drivers who are going over the speed limit have an increased stopping time and distance, so even if they see a pedestrian about to cross their path, they may be unable to stop the car in time to prevent the collision. Even just a few miles per hour over the speed limit can make a drastic difference to a driver’s stopping distance.

Notably, sometimes the pedestrian is to blame, for example, by crossing illegally or in an unexpected way. However, the majority of these accidents are due to the driver’s negligence.

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How Lawyers Can Help After Pedestrian Accidents

After a pedestrian accident in Belle Fourche, the first step is getting the pedestrian medical attention, with emergency services where required. Following this, it is crucial for the injured party, their family, or whoever was with the pedestrian to contact lawyers as soon as possible.

A lawyer will help ascertain all the key facts and circumstances surrounding the accident, while these are fresh in your memory, or even whilst you are still on the scene. This will help the lawyer with establishing fault and determining the potential compensation available to the pedestrian.

Where the driver is at fault for the accident, their insurer is likely to offer the pedestrian a monetary figure as a settlement that is often less than the pedestrian deserves. A lawyer can determine the likely amount of compensation the injured party would receive in court, and use this to determine whether accepting the settlement or taking legal action will result in the best outcome for the pedestrian. As this is a very stressful time and emotional time for the pedestrian, lawyers can also handle all of the correspondence with insurance companies.

Where legal action is beneficial, lawyers will handle all matters related to the case. Notably, in South Dakota, compensation is available to the pedestrian even where they contributed to the collision, as long as their contribution to the accident is determined as only “slight.”

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Accidents Resulting in Death

In the tragic instance that the accident results in the death of the pedestrian, compensation is available for the family of the deceased.

Receiving compensation for injury in South Dakota requires establishing the driver was responsible for the accident. Where this is proven, the family can receive compensation for the loss of their loved one, including the loss of that person’s support, financial provision, companionship, support, and medical and funeral expenses.

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Contact a Belle Fourche Pedestrian Injury Attorney at Steven Titus & Associates, P.C.

The time following a pedestrian accident is extremely stressful and emotional for the injured party and their family. Steven Titus & Associates, P.C. is an experienced Belle Fourche personal injury firm that provides outstanding legal representation, while genuinely caring for our clients and their wellbeing.

Contact us today at (307) 257-7800 for a free case consultation with a Belle Fourche pedestrian injury lawyer.

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