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Modifications of Family Law Orders

Our Gillette Divorce Lawyers Can Help With Modifications

Going through a divorce, legal separation, or other family law related litigation can be stressful, but once the case is finished, you may experience a sense of peace. Unfortunately, the circumstances in your life at the time the court order was issued may change, necessitating the need for a modification. At Steven Titus & Associates, P.C., our Gillette family law attorney can help you seek a modification if circumstances have changed and the original court order is no longer appropriate.

Common Reasons for Modifications

If you believe that your current family court order may require modification, our firm can assist you. It is important to consider that you will need to fully demonstrate that the modification is necessary or in your child's best interest.

A few examples of common reasons to request a modification include:

  • One party is relocating to a new community
  • One party loses a job
  • One party gets a new job
  • One party's income changes
  • One party becomes ill or injured
  • One party is abusing the child
  • One party has an alcohol or substance abuse problem

Can I Request a Modification?

Anyone is allowed to request a modification by petitioning to the court, but this does not mean that every request will be granted. Family court judges see numerous cases on a daily basis, and they must find particular circumstances when they choose to deny or approve requests for modification. Working with a Gillette modification attorney is in your best interest, as we are familiar with the factors that are considered by local judges. We can ensure your petition is complete and establishes the exact reason you need a modification.

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