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What is Property Law?

If you have ever heard the terms “real estate law” and “real property law,” you may have wondered if they are interchangeable. While these terms are closely related, real property law (or simply “property law”) is a broader concept than real estate law.

Real estate law governs physical land and structures that a person tangibly owns. Real property law, by comparison, relates to these physical land or structures, but also extends to the intangible concepts of ownership or usage rights pertaining to that land or structure. Awareness of these intangible rights can make a significant difference to a person’s enjoyment of their land.

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Relevance of Property Law to Wyoming Citizens

Property law is relevant to all aspects of our everyday life. If you own or occupy a home in Wyoming, property law dictates the rights that you and others have to that space.

A landowner in Wyoming has a number of rights—to prevent people from entering their land or home, to lease or sell it, and generally to use the space as they wish subject to relevant restrictions or by-laws.

The rights or requirements of leaseholders are similarly prescribed by property law, including how they may use the land/structure during their lease and their relationship with the landowner. For leaseholders, common property law issues that arise include whether subleasing is permitted, rental increases, the landlord’s right to inspection, and where security deposits are retained due to damage caused by the leaseholders.

For business owners, similar considerations are relevant depending on whether the business owner occupies or leases their business premises. However, zoning restrictions may also restrict the type of business that can be conducted in certain places in Wyoming, as well as the types of noise or activity that can be carried out in that space.

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Risks Without Property Law Assistance

Without property law legal assistance, you may not be aware of the following legal concepts:

As a landowner:

  • The rights of mortgagees or lenders where the property is used as collateral to repossess the home/land in the event of default
  • Restrictions on the use of your land you must abide by (whether imposed by the state such as planning restrictions, or on the title)
  • Adverse possession laws where “trespassers” may gain legal title to a premises if they occupy the land without resistance for at least ten years
  • Laws governing the sale of your land (e.g., what you are required to tell a potential buyer and tax obligations)

As a leaseholder or potential leaseholder:

  • Whether the actions of your landlord are legal (e.g., through non-permitted rent increases, viewing/entering the property without notice, or imposing restrictions on your use of the land outside of their power)
  • “Reasonable wear-and-tear” that you are not liable for compared to actual damage you are likely liable for
  • Circumstances in which you can legally be evicted
  • Unlawful discrimination by landowners in the tenant selection process

There are a number of other ways that failing to obtain legal advice for real property matters may either expose you to legal action, or may prevent you from enjoying the full rights you are entitled to.

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Agricultural Law Considerations

Real property law also covers agricultural land, which is plentiful in Wyoming. If you deal with agricultural land in Wyoming, (whether through your business, owning or leasing this land, or holding relevant usage rights), legal advice is particularly pertinent. Agricultural land is heavily regulated at a state and federal level and the legal framework for matters such as water rights, easements, grazing rights, and livestock can be complicated.

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Need a Property Attorney to Sort Your Affairs?

Real property law can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be. The knowledgeable, passionate team at Steven Titus & Associates is here to help.

Whatever capacity you deal with real property in, we will help ensure you abide by relevant rules or regulations, while utilizing the full extent of your rights to that land or structure.

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