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What if Poor Road Conditions Caused My Accident

By stladmin on October 30, 2023

A broken and cracked road.

Accidents happen, but who is responsible if your auto accident results from poor road conditions? Generally, the government entity responsible for road maintenance is responsible. However, pursuing a case against government entities responsible for road maintenance can feel daunting due to an imbalance of resources. As a result, it is vital to learn about the nature of suing the government for injuries resulting from poor road conditions.

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Slip-and-Falls in Shopping Centers: Causes and Liability

By stladmin on October 15, 2023

A yellow wet floor sign in a shopping mall.

Shopping centers are popular places where individuals flock to shop, dine, and socialize. While these environments offer consumers convenience and a wide array of choices, they also come with an increased risk of slip-and-fall injuries.

In litigating an injury at a shopping center, the term “slip-and-fall” broadly refers to any hazardous defect on shopping center property that can result in accidents. Accordingly, slip-and-fall cases often involve challenging factual and legal issues related to the cause of injury and the nature of liability for the injury.

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A Guide to Hate Crimes and Their Legal Defenses

By stladmin on September 15, 2023

A set of handcuffs next to a gavel.

Hate crimes are a unique category of criminal offenses because they penalize defendants for their alleged personal biases. Many legal observers find these laws to be philosophically questionable because it’s impossible to know what another person is thinking, and this isn’t how we typically determine how offenses will be penalized. Whether or not someone intended to commit a crime is often an important factor when it comes to sentencing, but a person’s underlying biases are much more difficult to determine.

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Cybercrime: Defenses Against Hacking, Identity Theft, and More

By stladmin on September 5, 2023

A man in a hoodie with his face hidden is using a laptop in a dark room.

Over the last several decades, computers have become an essential part of American life. They are almost universal in our homes and workplaces. Today, with the growth of the internet, people are able to access computers from just about anywhere.

It’s not surprising that computer-related crimes are on the rise. Businesses and individuals have concerns about the security of the information stored on computers, and computers can be used to carry out various types of criminal activity.

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Navigating Self-Defense Laws: A Guide for Defendants

By stladmin on August 20, 2023

grey background with two hands one a fist and the other one a flat palm blocking the fist

Self-defense is a powerful means of defending against criminal charges. When applicable, self-defense can be sufficient to avoid a guilty verdict. However, proving self-defense and be tricky, and navigating the legal issues surrounding it can be challenging. This guide covers self-defense laws in Wyoming and how to prove it in court.

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The Impact of Mental Health on Criminal Defense Cases

By stladmin on August 10, 2023

Mental Health focus. Two people sitting on the floor and touching hands in support

In recent years, society’s recognition of the significance and impact of mental health has grown. Developments in psychology and psychiatry have given us a better understanding of what goes on in the mind and how it affects our behavior. Accordingly, the impact of mental health on the mind can be a vital consideration when determining someone’s responsibility for their actions, particularly when it comes to criminal responsibility.

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Dangers Posed by Teen Drivers and How Parents Should Help

By stladmin on July 30, 2023

A teenage girl sitting behind the steering wheel of a car and listening to her mothers instructions as she drives.

It can be scary for parents to hand over the car keys to a teen driver, and justifiably so. Teenagers are more likely to be involved in a crash than older, more experienced drivers. We want to shed light on the dangers associated with teen drivers and guide parents on how they can help increase their child’s safety and knowledge on the road.

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Why Are Motorcycles So Much More Dangerous Than Cars?

By stladmin on July 15, 2023

an image of a motorbiker moving very fast.

The risk of dying in a crash is much higher for motorcycle riders than for occupants of passenger vehicles. Although motorcycles comprised just 3% of all registered vehicles in the U.S., motorcyclists accounted for 14% of all traffic fatalities in a recent year, as reported by the National Safety Council (NSC). Several aspects have the potential to make motorcycle riding particularly unsafe.

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Navigating a Car Impoundment Following a DUI Arrest

By stladmin on June 30, 2023

clamped wheel

Police only need probable cause to make a traffic stop. It could be a driving maneuver that may indicate intoxication, a traffic violation, or even a defect in the vehicle’s safety equipment. If you are stopped and arrested for DUI in Campbell County, the vehicle you are driving could be impounded.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Wyoming Felony Expungement

By stladmin on June 20, 2023

Expunge of criminal record. Expungement written on a document.

A felony conviction on your record can have long-term consequences, affecting your employment, housing, and other opportunities. Under Wyoming law, it is possible to expunge a felony from your record under specific circumstances, allowing you to move forward with a clean record and enhanced opportunities. Our experienced Gillette criminal defense attorney can explain your legal options.

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