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Laws Every Wyoming Hunter Should Know

By stladmin on December 6, 2021

An elk in an open field.

Wyoming is truly a hunter’s paradise. Before heading out for the day, ensure you understand the Wyoming hunting laws thoroughly – or you may find yourself in legal trouble. It is up to you to understand what is expected of you under Wyoming state laws and to ensure you follow all regulations to the letter. A simple mistake can lead to serious legal repercussions.

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Can I Hunt in Wyoming if I Am Not a Resident?

By stladmin on August 9, 2021

A moose walking in a wide open field.

If you are not a resident of Wyoming, you cannot hunt in wilderness areas within the state without a guide. The law is stated as follows at Section 23-2-401:

No nonresident shall hunt big or trophy game animals on any designated wilderness area, as defined by federal or state law, in this state unless accompanied by a licensed professional guide or a resident guide.”

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Wyoming Sees Increase in Hunting Applications

By stladmin on March 5, 2019

There’s no doubt that Wyoming is one of the best places in the country to hunt. With our beautiful scenery and abundance of wildlife, it truly is a hunter’s dream. More and more people have been discovering this as, once again, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department is announcing a significant increase the number of hunting applications.

While this is good news for the state and for the hunters lucky enough to grab a license, it could spell trouble unless safety is a priority.

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Federal Laws That Protect Wyoming Wildlife Protect People, Too

By stladmin on November 26, 2018

Living in Wyoming, we’re used to encounters with wildlife, whether in State Parks or in our own backyards. We understand that it can be dangerous to interact with even the cutest animals. This is not always the case with out-of-towners, though, and it’s not unusual to read news stories about park visitors who fail to follow regulations and end up getting themselves hurt or arrested. Or both.

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