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Dog Bites | Blogs by Steven Titus & Associates, P.C.

How a Dog’s Body Language Can Indicate a Coming Attack

By stladmin on February 10, 2024

A Rottweiler on a leash with its mouth open.

Dogs communicate through body signals, such as facial expressions and posture. Understanding canine body language is a vital tool in preventing dog attacks. Recognizing warning signs like growling and stiffening allows individuals to react appropriately and respect a dog’s boundaries.

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Should I Call the Police After a Dog Bite?

By stladmin on June 23, 2021

A pit bull dog on a leash walking in the woods.

Being attacked and mauled by a dog is a traumatic experience, and even more so if you sustained serious bites. It is important to report the incident to animal control. The dog may bite other people if steps are not taken to prevent it, and the dog owner needs to be made aware of the dog’s behavior. Calling animal control or the police also means there will be an official report that you may need later.

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You Can Sue for a Dog Bite in Wyoming, But It’s Not Easy

By stladmin on October 16, 2018

Dogs are a big part of the landscape here in Wyoming. We keep them not only as pets, but also as a form of security, for hunting, and for other jobs. But all these dogs, while useful, mean that people get bitten quite often in Wyoming.

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