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Why Your Lawyer Should Talk to the Insurance Company for You

By stladmin on March 30, 2024

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Interactions with insurance adjusters can be treacherous terrain for individuals seeking compensation for personal injuries. Without proper legal guidance, claimants may inadvertently fall prey to tactics employed by insurance companies to minimize payouts. Understanding the importance of legal representation in these negotiations is paramount for protecting one’s rights and securing fair compensation.

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Stacking UIM Coverage With Family Policies

By stladmin on September 21, 2021

Stacking allows you to combine the limits of UM and UIM (uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage) across many vehicles, increasing your protection against accident-related costs. If your coverage limits are higher, you may be able to pay less out of pocket for a covered insurance claim.

Keep reading to learn more about when you can stack and the types of accidents where stacking policies will apply. Please note that as of May 2020, Wyoming state laws allow stacking. However, your insurer may have put anti-stacking wording into their policies. We advise you to check with your insurer for any anti-stacking policies they may have.

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Dealing With a Dismissive Auto Insurance Company

By stladmin on May 26, 2021

If another person crashed into your vehicle, you deserve to get your medical bills and lost wages paid as soon as possible. Unfortunately, car insurance companies do not make the process easy. They will often fight accident victims over small details to avoid paying the full amount a victim’s claim is worth. Some will even blame the victim or argue that the victim is lying.

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Review Your Auto Insurance Policy

By stladmin on May 29, 2019

If you drive a vehicle in Wyoming, you need auto insurance to satisfy your lender, protect your assets, and comply with state minimum liability insurance requirements. It is highly recommended that you review your auto policy on a regular basis to ensure you have the protection you need. The minimum coverage required by law is usually not enough for most people.

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