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“A Very Titus Christmas” Brings Holiday Cheer to Gillette

By stladmin on January 10, 2019

A lifelong Gillette resident got “a Christmas bonus” in early December 2018, when she followed clues to a lone blue spruce tree in McNanneman Park. There, she found a hidden gavel that was worth $2,500 in cash!

The clever sleuth was Andrea McClure, who manages The Ice Cream Café. She was participating in “A Very Titus Christmas,” a contest sponsored by a local law firm, Steven Titus & Associates, P.C. The contest was to feature 10 clues, revealed before Christmas, that led to the gavel’s location somewhere in Gillette. The finder was required to deliver the gavel to the firm’s office at 207 S. Gillette Avenue within 24 hours in order to collect the cash prize.

It only took “Sherlock” McClure two clues to locate the prized gavel. The first clue was, “Where animal feet have etched themselves, you will begin the search.” This led Andrea to McNanneman Park, where she routinely walks her dogs Raven and Blue and had noticed the abundance of animal tracks.

The second clue, “When birds fly south, they will fly over this blue tree,” “Gave it away,” said Andrea, who knew that all the trees in the park were dead, save for one blue spruce.

$2,500 is a lot of money, especially during the holidays when budgets can be stressed beyond their limits. The law firm’s founding attorney, Steven Titus, sees the contest as a way to bring people together during the holidays, as well as a way to give back to the community. Mr. Titus plans on holding the “A Very Titus Christmas” next year, but plans on making the clues more challenging.

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