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Attorney Steven Titus Representing Woman Linked to Murder in Gillette

By stladmin on November 21, 2016

Attorney Steven Titus of Steven Titus & Associates, P.C., is representing Kylee Collins, 22, of Gillette, who was charged with accessory and two counts of conspiracy to mutilate a dead human body. Collins’ boyfriend, Michael Montano, was arrested for the murder of two men after their dismembered bodies were found in the back of his truck and in his storage unit.

Collins made her first appearance in Circuit Court on Tuesday – Circuit Judge Wendy M. Bartlett set Collins’ cash-only bond at $100,000. According to an article by Gillette News Record, Campbell County deputies were first made aware of the case when a woman called police saying she had seen one of the victim’s dead bodies in the back of Montano’s Dodge pickup truck.

A witness told police that Montano said his girlfriend walked in on him while he was cutting up the bodies. When asked by investigators, Montano said Collins asked him “Can you get away with this?” at the discovery of the two victims’ bodies in the bathtub of his Hoy’s Trailer Court home.

Montano went on to tell investigators that Collins purchased the storage unit in order to hide the bodies. When Collins was questioned, however, she said she knew nothing regarding a storage unit and never wondered what was in the back of her boyfriend’s truck, where the bodies were found.

“She Has Nowhere Else to Go”

During Collins’ court appearance, Attorney Titus requested that the judge impose a surety bond of $15,000 because Collins has been a lifelong community resident who has been “consistently employed” after graduating high school in 2011. “She has nowhere else to go,” Attorney Titus said. Preliminary hearings that will determine if there enough evidence for Montano and Collins to stand trial in District Court is set for Oct. 18.

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