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What to Do After an accident at a Wyoming Vacation Property

By stladmin on June 20, 2022

Wyoming is a favorite destination for tourists and visitors, who come to enjoy the fresh air, open spaces, to visit Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks, state parks, and spending time in the beautiful outdoors.

Families and friends may arrange a to visit the state, renting property from an individual, Airbnb, hotel, lodge, or other property. A vacation can become a nightmare when someone gets injured – but who is responsible? If someone was injured at a vacation property in Wyoming, the facts should be reviewed by an attorney to determine if the property owner could be liable and held accountable.

The Responsibilities of Property Owners

Property owners who lease or rent locations to visitors have a “duty of care.” This refers to the responsibility to keep the property in reasonably safe condition so that visitors are not at risk of harm. Issues such as dangerous walking surfaces due to loose floor tiles, broken flooring, uneven flooring, or items that could put visitors at risk of suffering serious injuries in a trip and fall. All hazardous conditions must be repaired in a timely manner. Unfortunately, property owners may not repair a dangerous condition due to the cost of repairs, and an innocent visitor pays the price.

Who is Liable?

Several issues in a rental property could lead to a tragic or even fatal accident. Pool gates with faulty locks, stairs with loose banisters, untampered glass stairs, defective kitchen appliances, broken stairs, uneven carpet, missing tiles, falling debris, or an assault from an intruder – the list goes on. The first step after you or a loved one has been injured is to contact a local Wyoming attorney for assistance. Take pictures of every detail you can, and record or write down what you observed. Then – get a Gillette attorney to advise you about moving forward with a claim or lawsuit.

Proving Negligence in an Injury Case in Wyoming

All Campbell County personal injury cases are built on the legal concept of negligence. These four factors must be established:

  • Duty of care: It must be first proven that the property owner owed you a duty of care. This is the duty a property owner has to a renter to keep the premises reasonably safe, established by rental contract.
  • Breach: It then must be proven that the property owner breached (violated) the duty by failing to maintain safe premises.
  • Causation: The next step is to prove that the breach led to the individual being injured.
  • Damages: It must be proven that the injured person suffered losses, such as loss of income from work, emotional anguish, pain and suffering, and other damages, based on the facts in the case.

What is a Premises Liability Claim?

Premises liability is a case against a negligent property owner. In a case where it can be proven that a property owner failed to repair a known defect on the property, putting visitors at risk, a claim or lawsuit can be filed to seek full compensation. When considering a claim against a property owner, you need the advice of a trial attorney who has experience in premises liability cases. The outcome of your case will in large part, be the result of the experience, talents, and legal skills of your Gillette premises liability lawyer.

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