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Laws Every Wyoming Hunter Should Know

By stladmin on December 6, 2021

An elk in an open field.

Wyoming is truly a hunter’s paradise. Before heading out for the day, ensure you understand the Wyoming hunting laws thoroughly – or you may find yourself in legal trouble. It is up to you to understand what is expected of you under Wyoming state laws and to ensure you follow all regulations to the letter. A simple mistake can lead to serious legal repercussions.

Common Hunting Violations Charges in Wyoming

The most commonly charged hunting offenses in the state include:

  • Failure to tag: If you fail to tag the animal as required, you can be cited and face legal consequences. The tagging instructions are printed on it. It must be correctly signed and attached to the carcass before you leave the site.
  • Shooting from a road: It is unlawful to shoot or attempt to kill an animal of any sort from a public road or highway, or across a public road or highway.
  • Trespassing to hunt: You are not allowed to enter privately owned land to hunt without written permission, which must include the signature. The hunter is required to know if the land on which they are present is private or public, and if public, open to hunting.

Wyoming Hunting Laws

The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission enforces state hunting laws. Among these laws are rules about how to dispose of carcasses, when and where you can hunt, and licensing requirements, which include:

License Limits

It is unlawful to apply for more than one license for each big game species in each calendar year. The “bag limit” for those hunting in Wyoming includes:

  • 1 elk per license
  • 1 moose per license
  • 1 bighorn sheep per license
  • 1 mountain goat per license
  • 1 antelope per license
  • 1 deer per license
  • 1 black bear per license
  • 1 mountain lion per license
  • 1 deer per license
  • 1 grey wolf per license
  • 2 maximum antelope per license
  • Limited quote for doe/fawn deer (no more than four)

Retention of Evidence of Game Sex

You are required, in many areas, to retain the antlers or horns, or the visible sex organs, head or antlers after killing game. Every area has specific requirements – ensure you are aware of the regulations in the area.

Carcass Coupon

You are required to sign, date, and attach the carcass coupon to any big game animal, wild turkey, and the coupon must be plainly visible. You can carry the coupon while the game is being transported to avoid losing it and reattach it once you reach your destination. When quarters of animals are being packed out of an area, the coupon will remain with the person transporting the animal.

“Party Hunting”

Party hunting is illegal, and you cannot take game for another hunter.

Hunting Hours

Big game and trophy game can only be taken from ½ hour before sunrise and ½ hour after sunset.

Check Stations

You are required to stop and report at every check station.

CWD Sample Submission

You may be required to submit a CWD sample from deer, elk, or moose harvested from specific hunt areas in Wyoming. Chronic Wasting Disease affects deer, elk, and moose in the region. The animal may not be exhibiting symptoms but may be infected.

Firearm Restrictions re Devices

You cannot use a device that creates a thermal or infrared image outside the visible light spectrum when hunting a big game animal.

What to do if You Are Facing Hunting Violation Charges?

The first step in protecting your right to hunt this year, years into the future, or avoiding having your firearm or other equipment taken from you, is to ensure your rights are protected by a Gillette hunting and fishing violation attorney who will fight for you relentlessly. At Steven Titus & Associates, P.C. in Gillette, WY, our team of lawyers has an exceptional level of dedication, a work ethic that goes above and beyond the usual, and we ensure every individual we represent can contact us any time, day or night. If you are facing a hunting violation in Wyoming, contact us at (307) 257-7800 at once.

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