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How Much Does a Wyoming Personal Injury Attorney Cost?

By stladmin on June 10, 2023

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If you have suffered an injury through someone else’s negligence and are seeking representation in a personal injury claim, it is important to understand how personal injury lawyers are paid. Some injured people may try to deal with insurance companies on their own because they mistakenly believe hiring an attorney would require paying out-of-pocket. This is simply not the case. Most Gillette personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis.

What Is a Contingency Fee?

Contingency fees are a percentage of the amount recovered. Typically, you enter into a contingency fee agreement with your attorney in which you both agree that the legal fees you pay your attorney for representation will be a certain percentage of the compensation recovered for you. Your personal injury attorney will only get paid if and when he or she wins a recovery in your case.

What Are the Advantages of Contingency Fees?

Contingency fee agreements are also called “no fee no win” agreements. These plans have several advantages for clients and attorneys:

  • They allow clients to obtain legal representation with no cash up front for attorney fees and no monthly billing, making legal services accessible to clients who could not otherwise afford them.
  • They help minimize law firm overhead, as there is no need for attorneys to track their time and bill clients for their services monthly.
  • They serve to incentivize attorneys. The greater the compensation recovered for the client, the more the attorney makes in fees.

What Percentage of Compensation Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Take?

The percentage of compensation retained for services can vary from one attorney to another and for different types of injury matters. Typically, personal injury attorneys take 25% to 40% of the total settlement or verdict. Clients may be able to negotiate a percentage with their attorney, but it may increase if the case goes to trial.

What Do Contingency Fees Cover?

Typically, contingency fees cover a personal injury attorney’s time and resources, plus any fees associated with the case. These fees could include filing fees, expert witness fees, and other costs. Contingency fee agreements vary. When hiring an attorney or law firm to represent you, it is important that you carefully review the fee agreement with your lawyer to ensure you understand exactly what is covered by the contingency fee and what is not.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer for Serious Personal Injury?

With a contingency fee agreement, you can have an attorney represent you with no upfront costs. Your best chance of recovering full compensation for your injuries is to have an experienced personal injury lawyer handling your claim.

Our Campbell County injury lawyers have the knowledge, skills, and resources to investigate your accident or injury, secure evidence to support your claim, calculate the full extent of your losses, and build a strong case based on the facts. We can negotiate skillfully with insurance companies on your behalf and fight for the compensation you deserve, in court if necessary. You can focus on recovering from your injuries while we handle the legal issues in your case.

At Steven Titus & Associates, P.C., we are dedicated to holding responsible parties legally and financially responsible for their actions. Our Gillette personal injury attorneys work tirelessly to protect the rights of our clients who have suffered injuries. We are available 24/7 to answer your questions and offer advice. If you or your loved one has been hurt in an accident that was someone else’s fault, contact us at (307) 257-7800.

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