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Were You Injured in a Campbell County Work-Related Accident?

Gas and oil extraction make up a large portion of Wyoming’s economy, and employ many of our state’s citizens. But gas and oilfields are dangerous places to work, with large, heavy machinery, toxic chemicals, and highly combustible substances.

When accidents happen at these worksites, they aren’t minor. They injure or kill. And serious injuries can put tremendous financial and emotional strain on victims and their families. Worse still is untimely death.

If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one in a gas or oilfield accident, you are entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, burial expenses, and much more. However, workplace claims are complicated affairs, often involving multiple liable parties and insurance companies. To get the compensation you and your family deserve, you need a local gas and oilfield accident attorney with thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Wyoming Oil and Gas Commission, and the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services.

The legal team at the Campbell County law office of Steven Titus & Associates, P.C., understands what injured workers and their families go through. We will passionately fight for your rights. For a free case strategy session, call (307) 257-7800 today.

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Who’s Liable for a Gas or Oilfield-Related Injury?

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident and your injury, a number of parties may be found liable. When you’re injured on the job, regardless of fault, your employer’s workers’ compensation is responsible for covering your losses. Unfortunately, these insurance companies do not always offer sufficient payment for major, life-altering injuries. For the best results, you should involve an attorney early and often. To get a settlement worthy of your losses, we’ll negotiate – or litigate – on your behalf.

If a fellow employee caused your injury through his negligence, that would also be covered by workers’ comp. However, if that fellow employee injured you intentionally, you could sue him personally for damages.

Most oil and gas operations employ multiple subcontractors, such as truck drivers, heavy equipment operators, geologists, etc. If your injury is caused by one of these "third parties," he or his company can be held liable instead of your employer.

Another possible liable party in a gas or oilfield accident would be the manufacturer of a defective vehicle, machine, tool, etc.; or a defective part of a vehicle, machine, tool, etc. For instance, suppose you’re injured in an oilfield explosion. A thorough investigation finds that a defective battery caused a backhoe to catch fire. That fire caused an oil storage tank to explode, and that explosion injured you. The manufacturer of the battery could be held liable to pay for your injures, and possibly the backhoe’s manufacturer too if it failed in some important way.

In short, any party whose negligence contributed to the accident that caused the injury will share some liability for your injury.

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Why Do You Need an Attorney?

As you can see, gas and oilfield injury claims can be complicated undertakings. They often involve field investigators, expert witnesses, physicians, and intense negotiation with your employer, insurance company, and state workers’ comp board. Having a knowledgeable legal team orchestrating your lawsuit is the only way you can be sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Don’t put the future of your family in the hands of insurance companies. Instead, call a Gillette workers' compensation attorney at Steven Titus & Associates, P.C., at (307) 257-7800 for a free case strategy session. Steven Titus won’t rest until he’s gotten you the best settlement possible.

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