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Has Another Person Caused You Injury in Spearfish?

Whether you are at work or out enjoying all the wonderful activities Spearfish has to offer, your life can be turned upside down in seconds when an accident happens. If another person is at fault for your injuries, you deserve to have things made right.

Steven Titus & Associates, P.C. is here to help. Our experienced Spearfish personal injury attorneys have impressive track records of getting favorable compensation for our clients in and out of the courtroom. Give us a call today at (307) 257-7800, and leave the rest to us.

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How Do I Know If I Have a Claim?

To have a claim against another person for an injury you suffered, the other person must be responsible. There are a number of ways that can happen. Here are some of the most common scenarios when another person is responsible for a person’s injuries:

There are, of course, other scenarios that have grounds for legal action. Talk to our team at Steven Titus & Associates, P.C. to learn about your options in your situation.

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What Can I Get Compensation For?

If it is established that another person is at fault for an accident, compensation is available for a range of losses. They include economic losses (medical bills, lost wages, loss of future employment) and non-economic losses (pain and loss of enjoyment of life).

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What If I Contributed to the Accident?

If you have in some way contributed to the accident, South Dakota uses a “comparative negligence” rule. If your negligence (your failure to take reasonable care to prevent the incident from occurring) was more than “slight,” that will prevent you from seeking compensation from the other party. However, if your contribution was only “slight,” your compensation is reduced by the amount you are determined to have contributed to the accident. The South Dakota Supreme Court has held that more than 30% responsibility for an incident is more than “slight.”

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How Soon after the Accident Do I Need to Take Action?

To file a lawsuit for personal injury against another person in South Dakota, you have three years from the date of the injury/accident. Even if you aren’t sure whether you want to file a lawsuit, make sure to reach out to our team well within this time frame so we can evaluate your legal options.

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Have a Spearfish Attorney at Steven Titus & Associates, P.C. on Your Side

Having a Spearfish injury lawyer at Steven Titus & Associates, P.C. on your side after an accident caused by another person will help you get the compensation and justice you deserve. Insurance providers and large companies don’t always offer fair compensation since they have an incentive to pay you as little as possible.

We know how stressful the time following an accident can be, and we want to help reduce the burden. We are available by phone 24/7 with no after-hours fees. We’ll handle any correspondence with insurance companies for you and never make a decision without your input.

Call us today at (307) 257-7800 for a free consultation.

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