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Injured by a Negligent Bus Driver in Gillette?

Public transportation is rather limited in Gillette and Campbell County as a whole, but our area still has a handful of bus services. Whether they are school buses operated by the Campbell County School District or long-distance coaches operated by Greyhound, we hope that these vehicles are driven by skilled and experienced drivers. Unfortunately, any driver can cause a collision if he acts recklessly, including bus drivers. Bus passengers and drivers in other vehicles can be catastrophically injured or killed due to the sheer size and power of a modern bus.

If you or someone you love was injured because of a negligent bus driver, you should reach out to an attorney as soon as possible. The Gillette bus accident attorneys at Steven Titus & Associates, P.C., can provide strong legal representation and explain your rights to compensation. To discuss your options after a collision, call us at (307) 257-7800 to schedule a free consultation.

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What Causes Bus Accidents?

Buses are powerful, fast, and heavy vehicles that must be handled with great care. One wrong turn, one missed stop sign, or one glance away from the road can cause a devastating collision with pedestrians, bike riders, or other drivers.

Buses are held to a higher standard than other vehicles. Any company that transports people is expected to follow strict federal laws to ensure all passengers are safe. This includes regularly screening drivers for drugs and alcohol, repairing damaged parts immediately, making sure all drivers are fully certified and trained, and only scheduling routes during safe weather conditions. If a driver or bus company causes a collision with careless decisions, both passengers and other drivers are at risk of suffering serious trauma.

Common causes of bus accidents in Wyoming include:

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Are Passengers Safe in Buses?

Generally, larger vehicles are safer to be in during a collision. Larger motorcoaches are designed to absorb the impact of a crash, and seats are padded to prevent passengers from becoming injured. In fact, school buses are designed without seatbelts because the seats have shock-absorbing pads that can protect children during a crash.

But that doesn’t make buses completely safe. Large buses are more prone to rolling over, meaning the bus can tip on its side during a collision or if the driver speeds during a sharp turn. Since most passengers do not wear seatbelts on buses, there is a higher chance they will be catastrophically injured or killed by striking the roof. In the event that a passenger is injured in a bus accident, the passenger can pursue a claim against the person responsible for the crash, whether the bus driver himself or another driver.

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Who Is Responsible for Bus Accidents in Campbell?

In most states, buses are operated by city, county, or state governments, but Wyoming has fewer public transports compared to our neighbors. In fact, here in Campbell, there is no public bus system to get around Gillette or go to nearby towns. Residents have to rely on their own vehicles, rideshares, or bicycles to get around. However, there are still some government-run buses, including school buses and senior buses, that operate on our streets. In addition, we also have several private bus companies that travel between cities and states. Some local churches also rent private buses for big events. Whether a commercial public bus like Greyhound or a private charter or a school bus caused your injury, the company that runs it may be to blame as much as the driver.

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How Can I Receive Compensation for My Injuries?

Determining what type of bus caused your wreck is important to getting compensation for your injuries. The two types of claims you can file against a negligent bus driver include:

  • Car Accident Claims: Private (or commercial) bus companies typically have strong insurance policies that include more than a million dollars in compensation for accident victims. You may be able to file a car accident claim against that company’s insurance policy for full compensation for your injuries. After a crash, you have four years to file a claim against a private bus company in Wyoming.
  • Government Tort Claim: Government-run buses have stricter rules about filing claims, but you can still recover compensation if a government employee (the bus driver) was negligent. A government vehicle claim offers up to $250,000 for a single accident victim or $500,000 for multiple victims. You only have two years to file a claim against a government agency in Wyoming.

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Talk to a Gillette Bus Collision Attorney Today

After a bus accident, you are probably dealing with hefty medical bills, worried about paying your rent or mortgage, and struggling to get back on your feet. You shouldn’t have to bear these burdens on your own. Instead, reach out to a Gillette personal injury lawyer at Steven Titus & Associates, P.C. We provide strong legal representation to our neighbors throughout Campbell County and can handle all aspects of your accident claim. There is no cost to sitting down with us in a free consultation. Call us today at (307) 257-7800 to learn about your options after a bus accident.

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