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Speeding and Distraction Cause Death on the Road

By stladmin on September 12, 2019

Wyoming roadways are becoming more dangerous, with the number of fatal accidents on a sharp increase, as reported by the Buffalo Bulletin. The number of highway deaths has almost doubled in a single year – the question is, why?

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is at an all-time high. Newer vehicles are equipped with systems to make road travel more enjoyable. You can now listen to or create text messages with speech while driving, check the weather, or select from an array of actions that take your attention off the road ahead.

Making cell phone calls can make your trip more enjoyable, or allow you to work while you drive, but it has proven to be dangerous. In a recent year, 3,166 people died on U.S. roads as a result of distracted driving, and it is not just teenagers who are to blame. Adults are also obsessed with these in-vehicle systems and can be responsible for a deadly car accident. However, younger drivers are less experienced and less able to avoid a collision than more seasoned drivers.

Speeding in Wyoming

No matter what the speed limit is, some drivers feel compelled to drive faster than the posted speed limit. When a passenger car, truck, or SUV impacts another vehicle while traveling at high speeds, the likelihood of serious or fatal injuries is much higher in the crash.

Many drivers in Wyoming are doing both – speeding, talking on a cell phone, or playing with in-vehicle systems. If you are sharing the road with one of these drivers, you are at high risk.

Death on the Highway in Wyoming: The Facts

The Wyoming Department of Transportation reports the total number of vehicle crashes in the state, with the following facts for a recent year:

  • 14,130 traffic crashes
  • 3,441 non-fatal injuries
  • 19,872 drivers involved
  • 21,316 vehicles involved
  • 2,590 crashes involving drivers under 20 years old
  • 1,410 crashes involving trucks
  • 57 crashes involving school buses
  • 235 crashes involving motorcycles

The most common type of fatal crash that year was an overturn or rollover, with the highest number occurring during January.

Wyoming’s Dangerous Roads

Wyoming is reported to be one of the top five states for having the most dangerous roads. The state averaged 19.1 deaths per every 100,000 people – a staggering number when compared to other states. If you are driving in Wyoming, you are at a much higher risk of being involved in a serious or fatal vehicle accident than you may know. We face weather conditions that can make driving less safe, but when you add driver distraction and speeding to the mix, it is a deadly combination.

Spotting a Distracted Driver

In some cases, you can spot a distracted driver ahead of you. They often leave their lane, drifting into the oncoming lane. Drop back as far as you can, as a head-on collision could occur and could involve you and your passengers. If a speeding driver is behind you and driving aggressively, pull over and let them pass – for your safety. If you see a vehicle coming towards you in the oncoming lane, try to avoid impact by slowing down quickly, flash your headlights if you have time, hit the horn, and pull as far to the right as you can, or even off the road if it will help you avoid an impact.

Hit by a Distracted or Speeding Driver?

If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident, the responsible driver was likely speeding, driving distracted, or both. In these cases, you need legal help – as quickly as possible. At Steven Titus & Associates, P.C., our Gillette car accident lawyer is available to speak with you. Contact us for information about how to seek compensation from a negligent driver by calling (307) 257-7800.

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