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How The Trucking Industry Endangers Wyoming Drivers

By stladmin on September 5, 2022

Wyoming has one of the highest rates per capita of fatalities due to truck driving accidents. Large trucks are inherently more dangerous than everyday cars because of their immense size and the high speeds at which they tend to travel. Trucking companies encourage unrealistic schedules and create incentives for faster deliveries. This means that the shifts are longer so the drivers are more fatigued, putting them at risk of causing an accident.

There is also the issue of poor hiring practices. As more baby boomers retire, this creates shortages for many industries including the trucking industry. This has led to companies hiring young, inexperienced drivers as a solution for driver shortages. On the other hand, the trucking industry does not have any age limit laws, so a person can drive for as long as they want. Both of these factors are dangerous and can lead to accidents.

On top of all of this, the trucking industry is making a move towards legalizing larger trucks. Highway safety advocates and the railroad industry are pointing out that with bigger trucks, the amount of weight they would be able to transport is larger and this in turn will produce more catastrophic results if the truck were to crash.

Added Responsibilities for Cars

If you are driving a car along the same road as a large truck, this increases the responsibility and alertness you must have while driving. Having large trucks on the road means you have new things to look out for. Instead of just being aware of other cars on the road, you will have to be aware of large trucks as well as any debris that may fall off the truck.

Large trucks have large blind spots that obscure passenger cars from their view. This makes changing lanes dangerous for all cars on the road and means that large trucks are unable to weave in and out of lanes, and if they do, this makes them more at risk for accidents.

You may also have to increase safety measures if you are driving along the same roads as trucks. Often, truck drivers are over-scheduled and overworked, so they may be tired and drowsy. Cars will have to be careful to use a safe following distance, check blind spots multiple times when merging or changing lanes, and may even need to reduce speed around trucks in case you need to brake or swerve suddenly.

The Way Trucks Cause Accidents and Resulting Injuries

There are numerous ways that trucks can cause accidents, including unsafely changing lanes, not checking blind spots, drowsy driving, driving while distracted, poorly secured cargo, and more. This can cause catastrophic injuries for anyone involved in the crash.

Large truck accidents are among the most dangerous and deadly events on the road. Some of the injuries that could be suffered include:

What Legal Action You Can Take After Suffering in a Campbell County Truck Accident

In Wyoming, trucking companies are required by law to follow certain safety standards that are designed to keep others safe. When these companies fail to do so, and this negligence causes an accident, the injured party is entitled to claim compensation from the trucking company to cover their medical expenses and lost wages.

You can expect a Campbell County truck accident claim to be more aggressively defended by the company’s insurance provider, so the team at Steven Titus & Associates, P.C., is prepared to go the distance to fight for you and ensure that you are fully compensated for your injuries. Give our Gillette truck accident lawyers a call today at (307) 257-7800.

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