What Can Be Done About Wyoming’s Most Dangerous Intersections?

We’ve all encountered intersections that are clearly more prone to accidents than others. Data from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently identified the most dangerous intersections in each of the U.S. states, and it determined that where Central Avenue crosses Yellowstone Road in Cheyenne was the single most dangerous intersection in Wyoming. It appears that the second most dangerous intersection is where Dell Range Boulevard crosses Converse Avenue, also in Cheyenne. Continue reading “What Can Be Done About Wyoming’s Most Dangerous Intersections?”

Coal Mining: High Risk, High Reward

Did you know that Wyoming produces the largest volume of coal of any state in the U.S.? Probably. And you probably also know that coal mining is an industry well-known for injuries, deaths, and serious long-term illnesses among workers. In 2017, there were 15 coal-mining fatalities: five in Wyoming, eight in West Virginia, and two in Kentucky. In 2016, there were only eight. Continue reading “Coal Mining: High Risk, High Reward”

Titus Recommends Client for Boot Camp, Challenges Wyoming System

Wyoming has a progressive program in place for first-time offenders. The state’s Youthful Offender Program, commonly referred to as Boot Camp, is a six-month program that emphasizes rehabilitation rather than punishment. When it comes to drug offenses, most people charged are non-violent and in need of serious help. Is prison the best place for them? Continue reading “Titus Recommends Client for Boot Camp, Challenges Wyoming System”

The Most Common Vehicle Accidents in Wyoming

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that 6 million vehicle accidents occur each year in the U.S. In Wyoming, our population is approximately 585,000, and last year there were 1,112 traffic fatalities out of 13,846 crashes.

Here, we will discuss the most common types of accidents that occur within the state and some of the ways to prevent them. Continue reading “The Most Common Vehicle Accidents in Wyoming”

Hunting Accidents: When an Outing Goes Wrong, What Happens?

Hunting is one of the safest recreational activities out there. According to Marisa Lee Futral, Hunting Safety Coordinator for the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, a person is more likely to be injured riding a bike or playing volleyball than hunting. However, when hunting injuries do occur, the stakes are much higher.

And they do occur. Continue reading “Hunting Accidents: When an Outing Goes Wrong, What Happens?”

Titus Takes on City of Gillette over Need-A-Ride’s “Need” for a License

Need-A-Ride, a homegrown Gillette-based transportation network company with offices in Wyoming and Montana, is feeling the heat after the Gillette Police Department organized a sting operation that netted one driver who allegedly purchased and delivered alcohol to them.

However, attorney Steven Titus, who represents Need-a-Ride, says there’s a bigger issue at play here. Continue reading “Titus Takes on City of Gillette over Need-A-Ride’s “Need” for a License”

Wyoming Named Worst State for Winter Driving

Using statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration from 2016, independent review website SafeWise declared the Cowboy State to be the most dangerous for winter driving. And it’s not surprising why. Wyoming ranks number two in annual snowfall, just behind New York State. Plus, our state has a lot of square miles and the smallest population in the U.S. So, we Wyomingites do a lot of driving—regardless of the weather.

SafeWise came to its conclusion that Wyoming was the worst state for winter driving by calculating the likelihood of a crash in snowy conditions per 100,000 people in a state. Wyoming residents have a 1.5 chance of being in an accident. The state that ranked second was Vermont—with a 0.8 chance.

To celebrate this achievement, we at Steven Titus & Associates, P.C., want to talk about winter driving safety. Continue reading “Wyoming Named Worst State for Winter Driving”

2017 Was a Great Year to Be Defended by Steven Titus

It’s not hard to run afoul of the law in Wyoming, where many law enforcement officers are inadequately trained and prosecutors are overzealous.

The smallest conviction can damage your reputation, cause you to lose certain licenses and certifications, smack you with substantial fines, and even put you in jail.

But a skilled criminal defense attorney can examine your case, find procedural flaws and holes in the prosecution’s case, and get the charges against you reduced or dropped altogether. Gillette defense attorney Steven Titus understands your legal problems. He’ll develop a strategy to protect your rights, reputation, finances, and freedom. Let’s look at some recent case results that showcase his defense skills: Continue reading “2017 Was a Great Year to Be Defended by Steven Titus”